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E.T aka Made by Betty

Alexey Rybnikov

Listen to this!Posted by Elisabeth Tue, August 09, 2016 13:18:06

Lovely music made by Alexay Rybnikov to a wonderful movie made by Richard Viktorov.

One of the greatest Soviet film composers, Alexey Rybnikov could perhaps be viewed as the Russian François de Roubaix - an artist best known for scoring mainstream theatrical and television films, as well as countless children’s movies and shows. Although classically trained, Rybnikov fell in love with rock n’ roll, and eventually electronic music, leading him to briefly suspend classical ambitions in order to work primarily in the world of cinema and television throughout the 1970s and 80s.

Shortly before the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Rybnikov returned to composing classical music, a prolific output that includes six symphonies and two rock operas.

Nevertheless most Russians know Rybnikov for his film music, which has become iconic and representative of a nostalgia for a lost time. As Soviet mainstream cinema of the 1970s and early 80s was steeped in fabulism and fantasy, Rybnikov’s music embodies many of the predominant narratives so popular at the time: folk and fairy tales, adventure stories, classical adaptations, sci-fi genres, and animation. His style could be classified as baroque rock, with a propensity for highly intricate melodic beauty.


1. The Treasure of Captain Flint (0:00)
2. Encounter (3:23)
3. Love Theme (7:05)
4. In the Park (8:54)
5. New Home (11:26)
6. Troubadour’s Theme (12:12)
7. Tatiana’s Dreams (13:39)
8. Children's Theme (15:46)
9. Skating Rink (17:54)
10. Flowers (19:12)
11. Glow of the Stars (20:40)
12. Thunder (22:38)
13. Declaration (23:49)
14. Sunny Day (26:33)
15. Flight With the Cosmonaut (29:33)
16. Hunting Sharks (32:56)
17. Baron’s Theme (34:18)
18. The Diary of Carlos Espinola (36:56)
19. Chance (39:42)
20. Lyrical Theme (40:44)
21. Blue Planet (43:00)
22. Evening (46:33)
23. Kindergarten (49:16)
24. Kesha and the Children (51:34)
25. Morning in the Jungle (55:03)
26. Stars (56:04)
27. The Birth of Buratino (57:36)
28. The Theater of Karabas-Barabas (59:09)
29. Captain’s Theme (1:01:26)
30. White Sails (1:03:34)
31. Sunrise (1:05:37)
32. Creation (1:08:28)

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